• Placement Process

    “If you can DREAM it, you can DO it”-Walt Disney

    An aspiring management aspirant, a technical savvy, a research seeker or a soon-to-be-a triumphant business person! Not to obliterate the student associated with the out-of-the-box ideas. This is your ticket to turn your dream into reality. You have applied for the best colleges to pursue your degree. Your primary objective was to have a successful job before you leave the academic education. And, this is what we aim to accomplish with the placement process, at our institute.

    Undoubtedly, from the very first day of your college education you have been on the receiving end of knowledge, brushing of skills and co-curricular activities to enrich your personality. Presently, you are at the first step to the achievement you always aspired to. The pathway to create milestones starts with the placement process.

    The benefits

    Our placement process is well- structured to aid the students with maximum advantages. The well deserving students will be able to avail with us :-

    1. A job - With the placement process you will be able to have an offer letter in your hand even before you have passed out from the college.
    2. Authentic employers - When you are planning to explore the employment industry, you come across a number of employers. There are some authentic and some forged. With the stringent process we make sure that the authentic employers arrive at the campus for recruitment purpose. Hence, you are on the receiving end of the finest experience.
    3. Assistance - Whether it is the interview, the group discussion or the written test, you will always be guided by our team of professors, teachers and mentors. You will be able to learn a lot in the procedure and be industry-ready.

    The placement process is an opportunity for you to avail that job opportunity you always wanted to. With it you will be able to get hold of the position which opens avenues for greater success in the course. The stepwise procedure consists of :-

    1. The Affirmation - The affirmation involves our communication with the Company and vice-versa to confirm their arrival for campus recruitment. A screening process from both the ends is ensued in the same.
    2. Allotting the date - A date is concluded to by the recruiter and us together, for the conduction of the initial screening.
    3. Pre-Placement talk- The students are made aware of the job profile, the position and the skill set the company is looking for. They are also provided information about the brand they will be working for, the position for which the students are appearing and the number of vacancies the company has. The pre placement talk provides the students with the needful information for the aspiring candidates from the company.
    4. Screening - The screening consists of a plethora of methods. Some companies short list the students on the basis of their CVs. There are others which make the students appear for a written test. And, there are still others which have psychometric tests, online tests and group discussions lined up for the students.
    5. Interviews - This is the pre-final step to the avail a job with the employer. A plethora of questions are asked in the interview to select an employee from the list of shortlisted candidates. This again depends on the employer to take the course best suited for them. Some go for the Skype interviews. There are others which pursue telephonic interviews. And, there are still the ones who take the personal interviews. The students simply need to be prepared for each.
    6. Announcement - An announcement with regards to the selection of the students is done in this step by the recruiters.
    7. Official communication - The company then communicates about the same to the selected students by the offer letters sent to them.

    Welcome to the onset of a new journey called JOB- it’s worth the entire endeavor you have put up in these years of your college. The experience will always be that primary root enriching you with promising accomplishments. Best wishes from the Raisoni Group of Colleges to you !

  • Placement Team

    Faculty Placement Team (Acadamic Year 2018-19)
    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Branch Email Id Contact No
    1 Rakesh Tiwari(Team Leader) Civil rakesh.tiwari@raisoni.net 8830426390
    2 Hemant Mande(T&P officer) CSE/IT hemant.mande@raisoni.net 8308830352
    3 Rahul Patil Mechanical rahula.patil@raisoni.net 8888872923
    4 Saurabh Naik Civil saurabh.naik@raisoni.net 9421715133
    5 Shiva Wadekar Electrical shiva.wadekar@raisoni.net 9096967648
    6 Govinda Borse CSE/IT govinda.borse@raisoni.net 8149469384
    7 Chandrakant Patil E&TC chandrakant.patil@raisoni.net 9960065449
    Student Placement Committee (Acadamic Year 2018-19)
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    Sr. No. Name of Student Class Email Id Contact No
    1 Bhole Prathmesh Sanjay BE prathameshbhole98@gmail.com 7507367511
    2 Dhake Prafulla Ramdas BE prafuldhake@gmail.com 8446207251
    3 Nemade Anant Rajendra BE anantnemade8@gmail.com 8793568767
    4 Wani Prajwal Vishwas BE prajwalwani1997@gmail.com 9922091589
    5 Divyang R. Patil TE divyangpatil@gmail.com 7350244566
    6 Sarang D. Malusare TE sarangmalusare@gmail.com 9975395363
    Department of Computer\IT Engineering
    1 Sharmeen Javed Shaikh SE shaikhsharmeen4849@gmail.com 7249224849
    2 Nachiket lakhpati koli SE kolinachiket52@gmail.com 7304804126
    3 Bari Harsha Uttam TE bariharsha9@gmail.com 9145237210
    4 Leena Narayan Baviskar TE leenabaviskar66@gmail.com 8657702986
    5 Deshmukh Poonam Arun TE deshmukhpoonam1998@gmail.com 7038052833
    6 Mayuri Arun Borse TE mayuriborse7038@gmail.com 7038745964
    7 Vaishali Madhukar Borse TE vborse359@gmail.com 8149274273
    8 Snehal Murlidhar wankhede TE snehalwankhede1997@gmail.com 8275337727
    Department of E&TC Engineering
    1 Mahesh B.Wale BE maheshwale2209@gmail.com 9145445822
    2 Lalti Roy BE roylalit26@gmail.com 8928287847
    3 Vaibhav Badgujar BE vaibhavbadgujar07@gmail.com 9921352885
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    1 Ankesh Gupta SE ankeshgupta205@gmail.com 7218503665
    2 Tushar Patil TE tp32328@gmail.com 8830209802
    3 Rehan Shaikh TE rskrayhan@gmail.com 9595795485
    4 Lekhraj Wagh TE lekhrajwagh22299@gmail.com 9665416972
    5 Shubham Sonawane TE shubhu261@gmail.com 9765389403
    Department of Civil Engineering
    1 Eknath C. Rathod SE eknath19982018@gmail.com 7218503665
    2 Dhruva S. Agrawal TE piyushagrawal2428@gmail.com 7066992428
    3 Rajashri B. Chavan TE ruchichavan2682@gmail.com 8275767076
    4 Prasad M. Chavan BE prasu310@gmail.com 9665146176
    5 Ashish P. Kalbhande BE kalbhandeashish1997@gmail.com 8805167316
    6 Anjali V. Deshmukh BE anjalid909@gmail.com 9545026693
  • Training & Placement Activity

  • Placement Drive detail

    Company Opportunity (Acadamic Year 2018-19)
    Sr. No. Name of Company Date of Drive Eligibility Criteria
    1 Webwing Technology 13-July-2018 Any Graduate
    2 Bajaj Allianz 6-Aug-18 Any Graduate
    3 Magneto IT Solutions  4-Sep-18 BE CSE/IT
    4 Paramatrix Technologies 25-Oct-18 BE All Branch
    5 SmartData Enterprises 18-Sep-18 BE CSE/IT,MCA
    6 Persistent Systems 20-Sep-18 BE CSE/IT
    7 Indian Navy  26-Sep-18 BE All Branch
    8 WebTech 12-Oct-18 BE CSE/IT
    9 Eleation 22-Oct-28 BE Mechanical/Civil
    10 Sankey Solutions  19-Oct-18 BE CSE/IT
    11 IDEA91  18-Oct-18 BE All Branch
    12 Sanmar Group 18-Oct-18 BE Mechanical
    13 Jaro Education 4-Nov-18 BE All Branch
    14 Mu Sigma 23-Nov-18 BE CSE/IT/Electrical
    15 Ranium System 26-Nov-18 BE All Branch
    16 Adani Power Limited 15-Dec-16 BE Mechanical/Electrical
    17 IBM  16-Dec-18 Any Graduate
    18 Rave Technologies 30-Dec-18 BE CSE/IT
    19 Samsung R&D 5-Jan-19 BE CSE/IT
    20 Torrent Power Limited  23-Jan-2019 BE Electrical
    21 FACE 23-Jan-2019 BE All Branch
    22 SAP Lab 24-Jan-2019 BE CSE/IT/Electrical
    23 Amazon campus drive 28-Jan-19 Any Graduate
    24 ICICI Prudential Life Insurance 9-Feb-19 Any Graduate
    25 MPhasis 13-Feb-16 BE All Branch
    26 Anglo Eastern Ship Management 22-Feb-19 BE Mechanical
    27 Atos -Syntel 27-Feb-19 BE CSE/IT
    28 EConstruct Design & Build 7-Mar-19 BE All Branch
    29 Etech Global Services 9-Mar-19 Any Graduate
    30 Jaro Education 8-Mar-19 Any Graduate
    31 Extramarks Education India Pvt Ltd  18-Mar-19 Any Graduate
    32 Miiint Solution 25-Mar-19 BE CSE/IT
    33 Excellon Software 9-Apr-19 BE CSE/IT
    34 Amazon 15-Apr-19 Any Graduate
    35 Spectrum Planning 31-Apr-19 BE Mechanical/Electrical
    36 Minda Group 31-Apr-19 BE Mechanical/Electrical
    37 K K Cans 31-Apr-19 BE Mechanical
    38 Yipee Technology 31-Apr-19 BE All Branch
    39 Legrand 31-Apr-19 BE Mechanical/Electrical
  • Glimpses of Placement Activity

  • Internship

    “The expert in anything was once a beginner.”- Anonymous

    This is exactly the school of thought which is continuously being practiced here at the G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Management. We believe in nurturing students with knowledge and skills and inculcating in them leadership qualities.

    Amidst a plethora of steps taken by us in this journey, internship is a leap towards better accomplishments of our students.

    What does the internship include?

    It is a well planned work experience associated with enhancing the personal development and academic career of a student. The management and direction for the same is pursued by the expert in the field in the industries. The students are on the receiving end of live exposure. They are able to witness the problems in the work field and find it’s first hand solution all by themselves.

    We at the GHRIEM have the following norms taken care of in the realm of internship:-
    • Compulsory - We completely believe in the significance internship has in framing the career growth of the students. Thus, in accordance with our curriculum it is mandatory for all the students pursue summer internship in the 6th Semester.
    • Tenure - The tenure of this internship is so designed that it encompasses the finest of work experience, enhancing of the skills and knowledge about the subject. It is for a period of one month.
    • Post internship - Post the internship, the students are required to pursue a presentation in the Department which is required to be in a proper format. Grades/marks are provided to the students pertaining to their presentation and findings.
    • Certification - The certificate which the students gain after the completion of the internship is of immense significance. It portrays their work experience and is provided by the industry.
    • Job benefits - There have been many instances wherein post completions of the internship, the students have job/service offers from the same industry. Yet again, the industry based project is offered to the students in the final year on the basis of the internship to the students. The latter is indispensable for their better grades. There are also the MOUs or the Memorandum of Understanding which directs the students to pursue better. It gives them ample benefits in the field with priority.
    • Workshops - Round the year industry workshops are held to foster the talents of the students and to make the proficient pertaining to their subjects.
    At the GHRIEM every step you take brings you closer to your accomplishments.
  • Past Recruiters

  • Testimonials

    Pranay Gupta

    Pranay Gupta

    I have had the most learning 4 years of my life here at the institute. The support of the teachers is amazing in here. I have been participating in the sports and tech-savvy events. It has ensured uplift in my career growth.

    Pratibha Puri

    Pratibha Puri

    The institute has the best faculty. Round the year events are organized in the institute to brush our skills. The never-ending support the institute provides has been the turning point of my career growth. I will forever be thankful to the institute.


    Rahul Shingolkar

    I have had the most enriching 4 years with the institute. It has a conducive to learning atmosphere. It provides ample opportunities for growth. The faculty here has been my pillar of strength. It has an all-inclusive curriculum to aid the students well.


    Keval Mamotra

    My dreams have been turned into reality owing to the platform provided by the GHRIEM. The institute has the most helping faculty. They provide complete help whether technical or educational. I will always be thankful for their guidance. It is the real reason behind my accomplishments.

  • ROCS

  • Contact T&P

    Placement officer

    Name: Mr.Tejas Kumbhare
    Contact No: 7774009484

    Email: tejas.kumbhare@raisoni.net

    Faculty Placement Coordinator

    Name: Pankaj Patil
    Contact No: 9975776844

    Email: pankaj.patil@raisoni.net

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