Online Student Admission & Fee Payment Manual

The following steps are to be followed for the process of Online admission & fee payment process:

  • Click on the link select the option Admission provided on the home page().
  • Click on the link & follow the steps as directed therein:
    • a) In case of a problem or clarification during the process you can contact your HoD or Mentor who will try to help you.
    • b) The following are the details of the Dept. HoD for contact:
      Sr. no Departments Name Email ID Mob No.
      i. CSE, IT, AI & DS Prof. Sonal P Patil 9011287061
      ii. EE Prof. Bipasa B Patra 9730776353
      iii. ETC Prof. Harish K Bhangale 9423487848
      iv. FED Prof. Ankush D Bishnurkar 7722004896
      v. CE Prof. R K Tiwari 8830426390
      vi. ME Prof. Nitish Sinha 9673434815
  • You can remit your fees online by any convenient method as per the below details only:
  • a) For: All SE students who were admitted in FE during 2018-19 or before
    For: All TE & BE students.
    G H Raisoni institute of engineering & management
    A/c no: 1647201000927
    Canara Bank Jalgaon
    IFSC. CNRB0001647
    b) For: SE students who were admitted in FY during
    For: All new admission i.e. FE & DSE
    G H Raisoni institute of business management, Jalgaon
    A/c no: 1647201001212
    Canara Bank Jalgaon
    IFSC CODE : CNRB0001647
    c) In case of any query related to financial transactions you can contact:
    Contact Details
    Mr. Mohammed Zaki
    Finance Officer
  • Once the payment process is completed, you must inform your HoD or mentor with a screenshot/receipt/SMS/scanned-copy/email/whatsapp or any other method.

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