• Information Brochure

  • Action Plan

    Sr. No Name of Activity Date
    1 Awareness meeting notice 22 July every year
    2 Awareness meeting 30 July every year
    3 Application invited notice 01 August every year
    4 Last date of application 20 August every year
    5 List of application received 30 August every year
    6 Business plan preparation session for GRIEMJ-IC incubate First week of September
    7 How to write paper for conference and journal for final year students Second week of September
    8 1st In-house presentation notice 15 September every year
    9 How to present paper in conference for final year students Third week of September
    10 1st In-house presentation 30 September every year
    11 Project and seminar Report writing session for final year student First week of October
    12 How to create Power point presentation for seminar and project for final year students Second week of October
    13 2ndIn-house presentation notice 10 January every year
    14 2ndIn-house presentation 20 January every year
    15 How to select a project for third year student Fourth week of January
    16 Project and seminar Report writing session for third year student Third week of February
    17 How to create Power point presentation for seminar and project for third year students Fourth week of February
    18 Innovative project competition Notice Fourth week of February
    19 Innovative project competition Second week of March
    20 3rd In-house presentation notice 10 March every year
    21 3rd In-house presentation 20 March every year
    22 Final Presentation Notice 05 July every year
    23 Final Presentation 20 July every year
    24 Incubation award declaration 21 July every year

    Note: Date of activity will be changed only in case of holiday on above date

  • Advisory board member

    Sr. No Name Representation Organization
    1 Shri. Pritamji Raisoni Chairman of Committee GHRIEM, Jalgaon
    2 Shri. Mahendraji Raisoni Industry Owner Representative Shraddha Polymers, Jalgaon
    3 Shri. Kishor Dhake Industry Owner Representative SOYO System, Jalgaon
    4 Shri. Abhay Chaudhari Industry Persons Supreme Pipe
    5 Shri. Amol Patil Bank/Finance Canara Bank, Jalgaon
    6 Shri. Sahebrao Patil District Industry Commissioner Office DIC Office, Jalgaon
    7 Shri. Avinash Landge Charted Accountant Jalgaon
    8 Dr. A. G. Mathew Secretory, Principal GHRIEM GHRIEM, Jalgaon
    9 Mr. Harish K. Bhangale Teaching Staff GHRIEM, Jalgaon
    10 Mr. Rakesh K. Tiwari Teaching Staff GHRIEM, Jalgaon
    11 Mr. Ankush D Bhishnurkar Coordinator GHRIEM, Jalgaon
  • Application

  • Awardee

    Sr. No Name Academic Year GHRIEMJ-IC Cycle
    1 Mr. Shekhar Sagar 2015-16 Cycle1
    2 Mr. Chetan Khairnar 2016-17 Cycle2
    3 Mr. Rahul Dayma 2016-17 Cycle2
    4 Mr. Saurabh Dusane 2017-2018 Cycle3
    5 Mr. Ashish Kukreja 2017-18 Cycle3
    6 Mr. Gaurav Deshmukh 2017-18 Cycle3

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