Departmental Profile

PEO’s and POs


The Program Educational Objectives of the Civil Engineering programme are designed to produce skilled engineers who are ready to contribute effectively to the advancement of Civil Engineering profession. The graduates shall:

  • Have successful career in the field of Civil Engineering by acquiring fundamental knowledge and skills.
  • Indentify the infrastructural needs, analysis and design of the structures-economically and efficiently.
  • Maintain the infrastructure with continuous research and innovation in technology.
  • Exhibit ethical professionalism with effective interaction with team-mates enhancing awareness and responsibility.

Civil Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  • Function as design consultants in construction industry for the design of civil engineering structures.
  • Provide sustainable solutions to the Civil Engineering Problems.

The programme is targeted at developing the following competencies, skills and abilities amongst students. They shall be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of science, mathematics and engineering. (Applied science & Basic fundamental Courses of Engg.) Engg. Knowledge
  • Conduct experimental investigation and interpret the results. (Surveying, Geotechnical Engg, Concrete technology, Fluid mechanics, Geology) Conduct Investigations Of Complex Problems.
  • Identify, investigate, analyze and formulate safe design for complex Civil Engineering problems with realistic constraints keeping focus on socio-economic benefits. (Structural Analysis and Design, Estimating and Costing, Transportation Engg., Building Drawing, Irrigation Engg, Water Resource Engg.) Problem Analysis and Design/Development of Solution.
  • Work effectively as an individual as well as team member. (Project work, seminar ) Individual and Team Work.
  • Practice profession with Ethics and Responsibility. (Professional practice, Humanity, Psychology, Sociology, Economic) Ethics.
  • Communicate effectively in work environment. (Soft Skills, Communication skill) Communication.
  • Recognize the need for lifelong learning and continuing education to assimilate Technological Advancements. (Rural Engg, BCTM, Advanced Civil Engg., Structures/Technique) The Engineer and Society, Life-Long Learning.
  • Contribute to the solution of contemporary issues for sustainable development. (Electives and Environmental Engg.) The Engineer and Society, Environment and Sustainability.
  • Use equipments, techniques, modern engineering tools and software necessary for engineering practice. (Advanced Construction Equipment, Technique, Software Courses) Modern Tool Usage.
  • Recognize the importance of principles of finance and management and apply these for management of multidisciplinary projects. (Project management, Construction management, Contracts and Tender) Project Management and Finance.

Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.)

Institute Code: 5105
Choice Code Name Intake
510519110 Civil Engineering 60

List of Laboratories

Sr. No. Name of Laboratories Major Equipments
1 Engineering Mechanics Laboratory Universal Force table, Reaction of Beam apparatus, Jib Crane, M.I. of Fly Wheel, Laws of Machines Apparatus
2 Surveying Laboratory One second micro optic theodolite, Auto Level, Digital Planimeter, Nautical Sextant, Transit Theodolite
3 Model Laboratory(Drawing Hall) Signalling and Crossing, Turnout working model, types of Door Windows, Types of Foundation
4 Testing of Materials-I Laboratory(Concrete Technology) Digital Universal Testing Machine, Compression testing machine, Tile abrasion testing machine, Los Angeles abrasion testing machine
5 Engineering Geology Laboratory Specimen samples of very rare Minerals and Rocks
6 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Subsonic Wind Tunnel, Reynold’s Apparatus, Electrical analogy apparatus
7 Computer Graphics Laboratory Well equipped Personal Computers installed with demanding Civil Engineering software
8 Environmental Engineering Laboratory BOD Incubator, COD Digester, Digital pH meter, Digital Conductivity meter
9 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory Direct Shear test apparatus, CBR testing machine, Tri-axial shear testing machine
10 Testing of Materials-II Laboratory(Highway Engineering/Bitumen Testing) Marshall Stability test setup, Ductility testing machine, Digital penetrometer, Ring and Ball Apparatus

Computer Graphics


Geology Laboratory


Mechanics Laboratory


Environmental Laboratory


Fluid Mechanics Laboratory


Geotechnical Laboratory


Model Room


Surveying Laboratory


Testing of Materials I


Testing of Materials II


Industrial Visits

Central Railway Engineering

Solar Panel

Water Treatment Plant

Solid Waste Management

Sewage Treatment

Construction Site Of School Building

Water & Land

Hot-Mix Plant For Road Construction

Guest Lectures

Practices & techniques for water conservation

Modeling, Analysis and

Quality control on


Jalayukta Shivar

Construction Management

Sustainable Building

Academic Research

1. Sponsored Projects Sanctioned

  • Principal Investigator: Prof. R.K.Tiwari

  • Sr. No. Name of Scheme / proposal Funding Agency – details Date of Sanction Project Cost in Lakh Duration of scheme Role Play Status of Execution
    1 Self Healing Concrete VCRMS-North Maharashtra University 29/02/2016 0.40 2 yrs Principal Investigator Under Progress
  • Principal Investigator: Prof. S.N.Pawar

  • Sr. No. Name of Scheme / proposal Funding Agency – details Date of Sanction Project Cost in Lakh Duration of scheme Role Play Status of Execution
    2 Noise level assessment in Jalgaon City VCRMS- North Maharashtra University 29/02/2016 0.60 2 yrs Principal Investigator Under Progress

2. Innovative Projects

Sr. No. Student Name Name of Project Academic Year

Amol R. Birhade

Amol S. Mangre

Chaitalee P. Wani

Purshottam P. Soni

Effect Of Partial Substitute Of Fine Aggregates By Crushed Glass On Characteristics Of Concrete 2014-15

Ansari Uzair Md.

Tejashree C. Patil

Chandrashekhar V. Sapkale

Harshal P. Surve

Assessment Of Noise Level and Abatement Suggestions At Strategic Location In Jalgaon City 2014-15

Avinash G. Landge

Sandip B. Patil

Sumit S. Umrane

Rahul B. Patil

Effect Of Partially Replacement Of Alum By PAC on High Turbidity Industrial Effluents 2015-16

Pawan G. Patil

Jayashree R. Patil

Pushpa R. Saidane

Sagar E. Ladwanjari

Experimental Study On Replacement Of Concrete In Tension ZoneExperimental Study On Replacement Of Concrete In Tension Zone 2015-16

Singh Prakhar V.

Chopada Rupesh L.

Mahale Yogesh R.

Chauhan Pankaj M.

Pathak Purva S.

Influence Of Red Mud and Fly Ash The Development Of Strength Of Concrete 2016-2017

Attarade Nilesh R.

Bari Pravin P.

Chaudhari Chetankumar N.

Deshmukh Dipak V.

Effect Of Wastes Of Ceramic Tiles In Partial Replacement Of Aggregates In Geopolymer Concrete 2016-17

Akib shaikh

Irfan Khan

Patil Rohini

Patil Sujita

Patil Pooja

Durability Enhancement of Structure by Using Bacterial Concrete 2017-18

Abhishek Deshmukh

Rupesh Shimpi

Ganesh Chaudhari

Performance Assesment of Clay Modified Burnt Brick Utilizing Sedimentation Tank Sludge and Flyash 2017-18

Student Achievement

Sr. No. Name of Student Class Particulars of Event Position/status
1 Mayur Naval Patil SECE Inter- Zonal Football Tournaments at N.M.U. (2013-14) Participation
2 Dilip Gorakshanath Sirsath SECE Inter-Zonal Badminton Tournaments at N.M.U. (2013-14) Participation
3 Jayshree Rameshwar Patil SECE 19th Open House Badminton Mixed Doubals Tournament N. M. U. (2013-14) 1th
4 Jayshree Rameshwar Patil SECE 19th Open House Badminton Doubals (Female) Tournament N. M. U. (2013-14) 1th
5 Dilip Gorakshanath Sirsath TECE Inter-University Badmintan Tournaments at R. G. P. V. University Bhopal (2014-15) Participation
6 Dilip Gorakshanath Sirsath TECE Inter- Zonal Badminton Tournaments at N.M.U. (2014-15) Participation
7 Dilip Gorakshanath Sirsath BECE Inter-University Badmintan Tournaments at L. N. I. P. E. University ,Gwalior (2015-16) Participation
8 Vinay Dipak Katariya SECE Inter- Zonal Table Tennis Tournaments at N.M.U. (2015-16) Participation
9 Dilip Gorakshanath Sirsath BECE Inter- Zonal Badminton Tournaments at N.M.U. (2015-16) Participation
10 Vinay Dipak Katariya TECE Inter- Zonal Table Tennis Tournaments at NMU (2016-17) Participation
11 Vinay Dipak Katariya TECE Inter-University Table Tennis Tournaments at Gujarat University Ahmadabad (2016-17) Participation

Student Awards

Sr. No. Name of Student Class Particulars
1 Vishal Dilip Patil TECE Certificate of Appreciation and Scholarship worth Rs.5000 in Digital Literacy awarded by National Institute of Open Schooling by Government of India under PMKVY

Workshops Organized

Workshops Organized for Faculties

Short Term Training Program on Energy Efficient Building Conducted by IGBC


Two Weeks ISTE Workshop on Engineering Mechanics conducted by IIT Bombay


Workshops Organized for Student

STAAD-Pro workshop Conducted on 31/08/2016 to 02/09/2016

Fluid Mechanics GADGETS-Bridge modeling workshop Conducted on 11/02/2017 to 12/02/2017

PRIMAVERA project planner training Conducted on 14/03/2017 to 22/03/2017


FACE Aptitude training cum Workshop Conducted on 25/07/2016 to 31/07/2016



2018-19 SE

2015-16 BE (CGPA)

2014-15 TE (CGPA)

2013-14 SE