GHR Education Foundation Society

G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Management, Jalgaon


#09+ Campus

#30+ Institutions

#4000+ Staff

#25000+ Students

   #2000+ Students Placed in 2016-17



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  • Wi-Fi Facility

  • CCTV Secured Campus

  • Language lab

  • Amphitheater

  • E-governance

  • Over 500 Desktops

Ambient Class Room

  • Air-Conditioned Classrooms

  • Multimedia equipped classrooms

  • Continues Evaluation System

  • Interaction with the students

  • Appropriate luminary

  • Internet access point in each room

  • Modernization of laboratories


  • Butter fly (pec deck)60 kg PVC weight stack

  • Chest press cum shoulder press 75kg PVC weight stack.

  • Leg press machine (45angle press)

  • High lat pully75kg PVC weight stack

  • Standing Claf 75kg PVC weight stack

  • Low pulley 75kg PVC weight stack

  • Leg curl cum leg extention 60kg

  • Wrist curl 50 kg

  • Tricep Extension

  • Twister with stand 2”*2”

  • Abdominal

Library and E-learning Resources

  • 15000+ books and 3500+ titles

  • 500+ journals

  • Database Service

  • E-books resources

  • Speacious reading rooms

  • International & National Journals

  • Departmental Library

  • CD/DVD references

  • Digital library

  • DELLNET and ASME journals

... ... ... ...


Industrial Visit

  • Visiting industry to see how statistical methods are used in practice is well worth the time and effort which are involved.
  • Industrial visits provide a source of real examples to be used in class.
  • To practice the standard methods and a potential source of data for coursework.Industrial visits provide some stories which may be used to add interest to Lessons.

Hobby Classes

There are hobby classes running in the GHRIEM campus for the students. The activities like Dance, Guitar playing and Horse ridding are taught to students after college hours. Many students are participating in the hobby class and are enjoying such classes. These classes are very much helpful for students as they are learning or nourishing their talent along with technical studies. The dance classes are taken by Mr. Ashwin Tambe and Mr. Sagar Atwal(Jackson Dance Classes) and the guitar classes are taken by Mr. Karan Mohan Pardesi.


Mission 10X

The implementation of this approach involves a layered set of faculty enablement programs which empower engineering faculty with innovative teaching techniques using which they can help learners

  1. 1) Imbibe higher levels of understanding of subjects.

  2. 2) Effectively apply the concepts learnt.

  3. 3)Develop key behavioral skills required for employability.

  4. It is one of the Best sources for Retrieval of knowledge. In mission 10X highly Qualified Professor have designed papers for each and every topic, which include live example.


IIT Lecture Series

We have more than 4 Thousands IIT Lecture series (Videos) on different Topics which include topics of almost every engineering subject. These videos are available for Faculty as well as for Students. By listening these Lectures one should get clear idea about those particular topics.



RAMS is a central academic monitoring system. It mainly focuses on maintaining student’s record and helps in monitoring academics periodically.


Academic Related Facilities

  • • Support for Competitive Exams: Various software consisting of wide question bank and solutions prepare students for competitive exams. For easy access every department is provided with this software suit to practice various aspects in aptitude, pschychometric and technical tests.

  • • Sponsorship for Conferences & Project Competitions: To enhance the technical and managerial ability, every year the Raisoni Group provides sponsorship to staff and students. This year the sponsorship of total Rs. 10.77 Lacks was provided to staff and students of GHRCE, Nagpur to attend various international, national conferences, project competitions and training programs.

  • • Students Council: Academic toppers among the students of each class are nominated as class-representatives. These student representatives from a Student Council. The council raises the related issues and is taken care by the faculty representatives.

  • • Entrepreneurship Development Program: The College will arrange Entrepreneurship Development Program for the final year students in co-ordination with the MCED (Maharashtra Center For Entrepreneurship Development). With the core objective of providing self-employment to the students today when the employment opportunities are shrinking day by day.

  • • Industry Institute Interaction Cell: The Cell is established to cope up with the changing scenario, accelerated technological growth in industries and need for entrepreneurship development. The cell organizes and various programs wherein experts from industries and academia are invited to share the technical wisdom with the institution for gainful purpose. The cell promote students for * Industrial Traning, Collaborative Project work, Collaborative Research work and Consultancy service to industries etc.

  • • Corporate Resource Group: GHRCE Corporate Resource Group is a center for conducting interviews for many Multinational and National Companies.

Well Equipped Laboratories

We understand that students achieve the best of education only through good hands on by means of practicals. Hence we have latest and well equipped laboratories for all the concerned departments. This gives them a plus over others in terms of practical exposure. To cope up with upcoming technologies institute will spend large amount every year for updating the laboratories.

Research and Development Facilities:

We propose that every department will have state of art R & D cell to promote research activities of staff and students, R & D Cell Activities.

  • Sponsorship to students and staff for attending international and national conferences.
  • Procurement of specialized software and Hardware tools for various departments.

Hostel Facilities:

We are proud to announce fully developed new hostel for boys and girls in our college campus. Boys Hostel has 200 beds and girls hostel has 100 beds capacity respectively.

Sports & Gymkhana:

GHRIEM will provide all modern facilities for various sports and gymkhana. The institute plans to organize sports gathering and even promote students to participate in state and national level sports activities.


At fixed times our own bus service makes several trips daily to fetch students from main points of the city to the campus.

Networking Activities

The institute has a dream to establish a formal network activities with (Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT), Powai and Pune Institute of Engineering & Technology, Pune (Formerly Government, College of Engineering, Pune) Under this activity, students can taken benefit of :

  • Using laboratories of the network institutes
  • Attending workshops & lectures on emerging technologies
  • Joint research work
  • Interacting with the students of network institutes etc

Computing Facilities

  • Number and Configuration of Systems: 60 No. + 01 Server – Pentium Dual Core 3.0 GHz, Intel chipset, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, TFT Monitor, Multimedia Keyboard, Optical Mouse
  • Systems connected by LAN
  • systems connected to WAN
  • Total number of systems connected to LAN – 355:
  • Internet bandwidth: 5 Mbps Lease Line
  • Internet bandwidth: 3 Mbps Major Software Packages : MATLAB, AUTOCAD 2000, Rational Rose
  • Major software packages available:
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Oracle
  • Visual Basic
  • Dot Net

Cyber Lab:

Our Cyber Lab has ample number of present generation computers. At a time, the lab will provide FREE Internet surfing facility to more than 100 students.

Campus Wide Networking-Wi-Fi:

At Institute computers are connected through Internet. This connects all the departments to common server. The Inter-departmental communication is always through Internet servers. Very soon GHRIEM campus will be WI-FI enabled.


The college has planned to implement e-governance for its processes related with staff & students activities. Entire college is connected with smart campus software. The day, a student takes admission, he gets a smart card for academic activities which can be used till he leaves the college.In college ‘Continuous Evaluation System’ is adopted for college assessment of every student. In semester systems, students have to appear for 2 unit tests of 20 marks each and 2 surprise tests of 10 mark each.Unit tests / Surprise tests are conducted on completion of each unit. Marks secured in unit tests are displayed on notice board along with the marks of surprise tests and attendance up to that period.In addition to above we are conducting one Pre-University Examination (100 marks for each subject) just parallel to format University Exams.Practical assessments are divided into 2 sections. (a) Performance of the experiment and result obtained there on (b) Performance in the viva voce after each experiment.Experiment performance marks secured by the students are noted down in the journals during his subsequent visits to have the transparency.

Teacher Guardian Scheme

This could possibly be the unique relationship exercise. Implemented by GHRIEM. This in fact is student-oriented and the focus is on human touch. Under this program, our highly dedicated and experienced teachers take charge of 15 students each and act as their guardian-in-career. Keeping track of every student’s day-to-day activities and progress under their charge. The Guardian-Teacher operates as a Friend-Philosopher-Guide to offer students the necessary emotional support- individually and collectively. Activities like attendance progress in the labs/workshops, internal assessments, surprise unit-tests, behavior on the campus etc, are keenly observed .Causes behind unsatisfactory performance are traced and resolved. All falling students are offered practical guidance and are encouraged to improve by working harder in the right direction. Through this program, students learn and build up healthy habits of self assessment, timely corrective action, improving performance and building up the essential confidence. The parents know about their child’s progress every month. For the teachers, the whole process gives great job satisfaction and a sense of achievement by shaping a successful career. A powerful, multi-faceted motivating tools, this program assures parents that their children are cared for and are guided for a better tomorrow.